A review by headrook
The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene


I would like to add my kudos for Greene's book. It is a great piece of work that is truly fascinating and informative. This isn't just for the science geek. It's also for those who enjoy philosophy, cosmology, theology, and mind benders. You will truly need to warp your perception of what you once thought you knew. This is not the physics I learned in school. If it had been, I'd have paid more attention. (This is the perfect book to challenge your mind and keep it active.)

Let me also add, that as of this writing, PBS has done a wonderful thing and provided the entire three-hour special based on this book online. If you are finding certain parts slow going and difficult to comprehend, this special is perfect for walking you through some of the more difficult concepts (in my case, folded dimensions and how strings interact with them). Go to http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/elegant/.