A review by gem9589
Blameless by Gail Carriger


edited rating: 5 stars

one those books I think I would love to read over and over again and still find delight in. This series has everything I appreciate in a sff-romance- banter, humor, worldbuilding, a light mytsery plot and tricky supernatural politics. I love all the characters in this series, from the impersonal, menacing yet weirdly goofy German scientist to the delightful side characters who we've seen already before, manipulating things from the bg and really coming into their own in this volume. I don't know why I rated this volume 3 stars on first read- maybe because I was so mad at Conall. But I really see that his reaction was out of love, and deep loyalty to Alexia in the first place.

Standout characters for me in this volumes had to be Alexia & Lyall both. Alexia showed a side of her that I hadn't seen since book 1. Lyall was just incredibly competent the whole way through, knowing *exactly* what it took to keep his pack together and to snap Conall back to his senses. Lefoux was a treasure but weirdly was rendered useless in a few scenarios during the book, knocked unconscious for whatever reason in ome scene so that Alexia could prove herself and then subsequently be saved by Channing.

And god, Channing. I love me a bastard. I genuinely need more of that man in my life.

In any case, this might have been my favorite volume of them all, despite the lack of sexy times between Alexia & Conall. I'm taking a break from the series *for now*, but this volume generally just encapsulates everything I could want in a politically fraught, often humorous, yet still heartfelt supernatural adventure across Europe.