A review by katjaja
A Morbid Taste for Bones, by Ellis Peters


I really enjoyed the story. It is the tale of how the benedictine monks of Shrewsbury come by the bones of St Winifred for their reliquiary.

Brother Cadfael, a native Welshman, travels to Gwytherin in Wales with his Prior Robert and a handful of fellow monks seeking to remove St Winifred's bones from her grave and taking them to England. But the people of Gwytherin aren't too pleased about it, and when a murder happens Brother Cadfael begins to investigate.

The village of Gwytherin is a real place in Wales, and does indeed have a St Winifred. The local church is dedicated to her. The monks of Shrewsbury Abbey did travel there in the 12th century to remove her bones to Shrewsbury, so the books is based in part on a real story.

I really enjoy historical novels that elaborate on real events and explore how it could have happened. And this will forever have me wondering about the reliquiary in Shrewsbury.


The only bit that was a bit annoying was that the reader made all the females sound out-of-breath and overly feminine. When Sioned said "I won't have it, I won't stop until I get my way!" or something of the sort, I would have imagined her stomping a foot and nostrils flaring - instead it sounded like she said "I have to catch my breath, and I'm throwing a sissy fit". But other than that it was a lovely whodunnit, complete with Welsh accents.