A review by sarabaggins
Wonder Woman: Warbringer: The Graphic Novel by Leigh Bardugo, Louise Simonson


First, before I get into my rant, I did enjoy some of the humorous dialogue in this book.

The reason why my rating is so low is because of the basic premise of the book. The idea is that Helen of Troy started the Trojan War not because of her beauty but just because she was descended from some type of war-goddess. Just by existing, she created terrible war. Then, Helen's female descendants also all made terrible things happen just by existing. World War I and World War II were both caused because a woman was living her life normally. The Cuban Missile Crisis didn't become a full war because a girl was murdered when she was fifteen. So the moral here is that you should murder innocent women because they are inherently evil and the root of all wars???

Another thing that bothered me was that there were THREE typos. In one instance, they spelled "hear" as "here" (pg. 14). This is a graphic novel by a major publishing house and written by a famous YA author, how are there typos? This strikes me as lazy and incompetent, and really brought down my appreciation of the entire product.