A review by anniekslibrary
Meet Cute Diary, by Emery Lee


Ever since I learned about this book's existence, I've been craving it so much. The more I heard about it, the more I knew this was something I desperately needed in my life. So I'm so grateful to have gotten the chance to read it early! My expectations were through the roof, but I can still say they were exceeded. This was a DELIGHT.

In the beginning of the book, Noah says he has his blog, the Meet Cute Diary, as a way "to bring love to trans kids in need", and I feel like that's also exactly what this book is going to do. It feels revolutionary to me to have a trans book that's this happy.

I've already seen some negative reviews saying people didn't like Noah, and honestly? Come at me. I will fight you. No, but seriously, Noah gets to be a real teenager in this book and I think that's so important. And that means he gets to be a little selfish and a little self-absorbed. I honestly really loved Noah as a main character, though, and I didn't find him unlikeable, just realistically flawed. I also think he went through a lot of character development throughout the story.

I cannot express how much I needed this book and the main reason for that is just how much it's filled with trans joy and how much it's a book about a trans MC that's so goddamn fluffy. Being trans, I've come to expect transphobia to always be a major part of any narrative about trans people, so I almost found myself anticipating it here, and it just never came. That isn't to say the book is unrealistic - the transphobia that Noah and his friends do deal with just doesn't get a spotlight. It stays in the background to create such a safe space for trans readers, and I know I will find myself rereading this book time and time again whenever I'm in need of comfort and trans joy.

CWs: mentions of past suicide attempt, panic attacks, references to transphobia, vomiting