A review by bridgets_books
Unanimity, by Alexandra Almeida

challenging dark medium-paced


Unanimity immerses the reader in an alternate world that is uniquely engaging and simultaneously terrifying.

Who decides the difference between heaven and hell when souls can be resurrected to exist in an alternative digital world? I am quite sure one person’s heaven can easily be another’s hell.

This hard science fiction novel has a bit of a cyberpunk feel to me. I was a little slow to feel my way into this story, but I was hooked once I wrapped my head around the premise and the spiral worlds.

The characters and worlds are so well-written that Unanimity played in my mind like a movie. Every scene and every word is used to further the story, making it a mesmerizing tale that is difficult to put down.

I’m having difficulty putting my thoughts down on paper for this one. Unanimity is a story that needs to be read to understand and develop your take on it. I feel like it’s a book that will mean different things to each reader. Where you are in your life journey will dictate what you think and feel about the Spiral Worlds.

I received a copy of the book for the tour. This review is my honest, unbiased opinion.