A review by arlah
The Astonishing Color of After, by Emily X.R. Pan


A very high 3 stars (3.75?). It's only getting this rating bc I didn't connect with the story on a personal level and I was comparing it to other books (I know, I know I shouldn't compare them) that got 4stars that were just as well written, but they got that rating because I connected to them in a deeper level. I don't like giving it 3stars but somehow don't feel like giving it 4 either soo idk?? So, good book, great writing, cool concept, and no the magical aspect did not bother me at all; honestly I would have loved for there to be more of it and more stuff about beliefs and tradition. It did drag a little at times and I had to push through some sections but it was a good, important story and I really loved the bits where the author would describe emotions through color.
Would reccomend.