A review by ljjohnson8
The Winter of the Witch, by Katherine Arden


I have to recover a little that this series is over. But, happily, the final book was as beautiful and as satisfying as I could have wished.

What I loved about this book in particular was how much time was spent with the magical creatures of this world. Like the other books, the historical is weaved into the fantastic, and Arden's extraordinary skill makes it all work. She creates this gorgeous atmosphere that is spellbinding.

And her lead character, Vasya, is unforgettable. It's rare to have such a convincing and interesting character and character arc. Vasya grows and changes and I believed her every step of the way. Brother Sasha was another favorite. The bravery and sacrifice of Arden's characters brought me to tears.

I feel sorry for whatever I read next for having to follow this.