A review by aimiller
Do Not Go Quietly: An Anthology of Victory in Defiance, by Dee Warrick, Mary Soon Lee, Veronica Brush, Jason Sizemore, Annie Neugebauer, Fran Wilde, Shanna Germain, Bianca Lynne Spriggs, Sheree Renée Thomas, Joshua Gage, Sarah Pinsker, Alethea Kontis, Brooke Bolander, Lucy A. Snyder, Rachael K. Jones, Marie Vibbert, E. Catherine Tobler, John Hornor Jacobs, Jeremy Paden, Cassandra Khaw, Nayad Monroe, A. Merc Rustad, Maurice Broaddus, Meg Elison, Russell Nichols, Eugenia Triantafyllou, Christina Sng, Jo Miles, Rich Larson, Karin Loawachee, Lesley Conner


I received a copy of this through LibraryThing's Early Reviewers program, and I'm grateful to the publisher for the opportunity to read it; I also backed the original anthology when it was a Kickstarter project.

This collection is solid, and the hope nuggets in each story and poem are really powerful. I will say I think a list of trigger warnings would have really aided this collection; the last two stories ("The Judith Plague" and especially "Kill the Darlings (Silicone Sister Remix)") are deeply powerful but definitely need to be approached with self-care in mind. (I've written about the inclusion of trigger warning indexes before, with [b:Resilience|36904454|Resilience|Amy Eleanor Heart|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1512467247s/36904454.jpg|59802919], which is an example of it being done really well!)

Overall, this is a great collection of stories and poems with hope in despairing times, and may be really useful to folks looking for that in our current weird dystopia.