A review by hammo
Herzog, by Saul Bellow


Found this pretty boring TBH.

The narrative alternated between the plot of "Jewish guy is sad because he's too smart and has too many girlfriends", and long-winded verbiages of pseudo-academic nonsense.

I only realised about halfway through that that was the joke. So there is something to enjoy in there, but you have to really be paying attention to notice it.

And some of the verbiages were quite interesting:
* Churo was your true discipline of Thomas Hobbes. Universal concerns were idiocy. Ask nothing better than to profit in the belly of leviathan and set a hedonistic example to the community.
* Ruin comes to beauty, inevitably. The space-time continuum reclaims its elements, taking you away bit by bit. And then again comes the void.
* What is the philosophy of this generation? Not God is dead. That point was passed long ago. Perhaps it should be stated: Death is God.

And then there are also some simply nice phrases:
* He was a big man, too big for anything but the truth.
* Some kill, then cry. Others, not even that.