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Legendborn, by Tracy Deonn

adventurous dark emotional inspiring mysterious reflective sad tense medium-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? A mix
  • Strong character development? Yes
  • Loveable characters? Yes
  • Diverse cast of characters? Yes
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? Yes


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This book will become for me what Joker is for straight men and I would say I'm sorry about it but then again, I'd be lying.

Let me see how I can put my thoughts of this book and expectations for what's to come in simple terms and while keeping my composure. First of all, I decided to read this book because BookTok wouldn't shut up about it. I now understand why. Secondly, this book is absolutely filled to the cup's edge with magic, amazing character interactions between amazing characters, character development so sharp and astute I can't even put it into more words and, finally, it's eventful as all hell, with entertaining and enthralling happenings.

A few of the these are also absolutely brutal, I'd even say earth-shattering.

Other than that, the book's writing is extremely raw and I cannot stress how good it manages to be sometimes, even in times where you'd think it doesn't need to? Yeah, it goes that far to put the nail in the coffin, and I'm glad it does exactly that. But let's start talking about more palpable things and in more specific terms.

This book knows how to keep you entertained. It's action packed but it also knows how to slow down without making it feel like you're going slower - in fact, it manages to make even emotional scenes extremely fast paced, in my opinion. You'll find yourself just going and going, which is something I really enjoyed when I realize this book has chapters with a longer length than I usually pivot for, though the length isn't really set in stone and varies a bit, if my memory doesn't deceive me.

On another note, the characters in this book? Holy shit. Obviously, the main characters are clear highlights but even the side characters are brimming with personality and realism. You will feel for Bree, for Nick and for Sel, sometimes all at the same time. But you will also love William's remarks, the way all antagonists make your blood B O I L. It's top-notch writing and storytelling, my hes, shes and theys.

Along with this, you'll find some amazing themes entwined in this story: Arthurean lore? Incapacitating grief and cope with said grief? Magic framed not as a blessing but as a curse or at something that comes with a price? And two portrayals of magic, at that? Racial issues and very present tension? Search of an outcome and, to be honest, purpose? Love (platonic, romantic and family)? This book's got all that and probably more I can't remember right now.

Now... The romance? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH. I had never found a book that made me this in love with a straight relationship. I usually never look forward to a straight relationship in a book I'm reading... But Miss Tracy Deonn said Nah, you're going to root for these two and YOU'RE GOING TO LIKE IT. And like them two lovebirds I did. I will, however, say, that there's a lot of potential for a polyamorous trio here. And Miss Tracy Deonn? If you give that to me I shall have children for the sole purpose of making my kids read this series - assuming I won't do that already. You have made Bree a character who I feel for and root for with all my being in her moments I can't fathom as a white guy doused in privilege, but you've made her so utterly relatable, raw and real that I felt everything she felt. I fell in love with the guy she fell in love. I felt her internal strife, I felt it all.

So, Miss Tracy Deonn... You've sold me on everything you write from now on and got me dying for the continuation of this absolute masterpiece. And notice I did not stutter, nor did I use that word lightly.

As for any unconvinced readers? I don't know what to tell you other than that if none of what I said convinces you, all I ask you is to give it a try.

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