A review by espeon
On Fragile Waves, by E. Lily Yu

I got about 1/5th of the way through the book before putting it down. I wouldn't say the book is bad; rather, it got a little too upsetting for me personally. Clarifying so that me marking it as unfinished doesn't necessarily discourage people from checking it out. It does have an interesting writing style, and while I was worried about how it would be handled being written by an author who isn't Afghan, it didn't feel necessarily too fake or voyeuristic. So the stuff she had been saying in interviews about how much she talked to refugees before writing this is certainly true, I think. 

Overall, while I didn't finish, I love this author's other work, so I encourage people who are interested in experimental prose to give it a shot. The racism and negative sentiment about refugees is extremely vicious in this book, however, so do be careful.

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