A review by bookedwithgloria
Artemis Made Me Do It, by Trista Mateer


I have the same complaints as most women before me.
I have been romanticized, mythologized, separated from myself and then pieced back together so many times no one remembers the truth of who I am.
There are so many versions of me.
Not even I recognize all of my faces.

This book, just like the previous one, Aphrodite Made Me Do It, found me at a time that I really needed to hear the words that were written down. The way the author just finds a way to make you feel safe and heard and just that you aren't alone. Seriously I devoured and will continue to read if she makes more in this series. ♥

What if my entire personality is made of trauma responses and coping mechanisms? What if I’m too tired to try to get better?