A review by alexauthorshay
The Stone Key by Isobelle Carmody


For some reason, I remembered Elsepth having gotten to the computermachines and destroying them already. I was wondering what the last two books could possibly be about, only to find that I forgot most of this book and aside from two key events, remembered absolutely nothing. Much more of Elspeth's quest is revealed in this book, but I have noticed the tendency to focus on certain issues in the beginning and to cram a bunch of Seeker prophecy elements in the last 50-100 pages. And, in the NA editions, there are only 2 books left. And yet her actual main quest is just getting started. It reminded me a fair bit of Harry Potter how the whole horcrux thing was mainly instituted in the last 2 books instead of being more spread out through all 7. I have yet to read the last 2 books, so I'm hoping the fresh stories will be more enjoyable.
I will say, however, that I have come to like Elspeth as a character much more by this book compared to the first one. She is more involved with people and what happens around her, and she takes more direct control in her choices. However, I still notice another heavy tendency of her describing things in the past tense when it comes to Elspeth needing to know how to do something. Two paragraphs are spent telling who instructed her and how and when, but it is never mentioned in any other book or earlier in the current one, so it's a really cheap save compared to introducing little bits here and there throughout the series.