A review by ashleighbeanxo
NOS4A2, by Joe Hill


NOS4A2 follows Vic McQueen, a young girl who has a gift for finding things. With her bike, she can summon a bridge, known as the Shorter Way, which takes her to wherever she needs to go. This bridge will come in handy when she hears about a man by the name of Charles Manx, a terrifying man who likes to take children away to Christmasland in his Rolls-Royce Wraith, which bears the license plate 'NOS4A2'. The license plate, he tells people, is a joke based on an insult from his first wife, who would claim Manx was Nosferatu himself.

Manx believes he's saving the children he kidnaps from abusive parents, and enlists the help of Bing Patridge, a man who shot his father dead after years of abuse, to help him take the children and their mothers. As long as Manx gets the children to take into Christmansland, Bing can do whatever he wants to the mothers. And he really does whatever he wants. But if you think Manx is some sort of a 'kiddie fiddler', don't get it twisted. He isn't into all that, he just wants to help the kids and also maybe turn them into little vampires, but you know, semantics.

After meeting Maggie, a young woman with a stutter, who has Scrabble tiles which give her almost psychic abilities, Vic finds out about Manx and discovers she is the only person who can find him and stop him. So she sets off on her bike to take the monster down.

Years later, Vic is still haunted by her encounter with Manx and is struggling with addiction. But after another dangerous meeting with the monster, Manx takes Vic's son, and she's determined to take him down for good this time.

My first Joe Hill book and it was a pleasant surprise. While I do love Horror movies, I'm not a big Horror reader for some reason, and I thought I might struggle with this one. To be honest, I did in the beginning because this book is huuuuuuuuge and it takes a bit of time to get into the story. But oh my goodness, this was good.

The villains in this book were terrifying, especially Manx, and I was actually scared at a few points in this book. There was a lot of fantastical fear in this book, coming from the vampire side, and then the real world fear of children being abducted and their parents being tortured. Also, the creepy children gave me chills.

Really liked this book, and would definitely read more from Mr Hill!