A review by samsbookcase
The Sun Is Also a Star, by Nicola Yoon


This book was such an easy read and it really bothered me when I had to put it down because I just wanted to know how Daniel and Natasha's story would continue but most importantly how it would end. I enjoyed Nicola Yoon's The Sun Is Also A Star even more than Everything, Everything. I love how she not only included Daniel's and Natasha's POV, but also the ones from characters that you wouldn't pay attention to at first. Like the security guard or the conducteur. You would get to know small parts of their lives and how their choices influenced the lives of Daniel and Natasha and I really liked that.

I fell in love with both Natasha and Daniel. They were so different from each other but still fit perfectly together. They learned from each other, from the way they look at the world and I loved seeing their characters and minds develop throughout the book. I loved reading about their different cultures and how they identified themselves in society. What their culture and families beliefs meant in the choices that they made and how it had affected their lives in the past. It was also educative for me as I don't know a lot about Korean culture or Jamaican culture and it's so refreshing to read a book where both main characters aren't white, there should be more of it.

I kind of hope there will be a sequel as I would love to read about what happened after the ending. We got to read a little in the epilogue of the book, but I would love to read about it in more details. Also can not wait to see how the movie will turn out!