A review by booksmelreads
The Fine Print by Lauren Asher


3.5 stars
i didn’t love the first few chapters of this book, the writing just felt a little weird, sort of wattpad-esque. however, the more i read the more i enjoyed. the tension between rowan and zahra was SO intense and i especially enjoyed seeing from both perspectives (aka zahra thinking rowan is just this serious unfeeling business man while he is going absolutely FERAL over her in his perspective)
the character development was good but i really felt like the climax of the book was rushed. it felt like all the drama happened and was subsequently resolved within like 20 pages or so which kind of threw me off.
the biggest thing i found i didn’t like about this book was the authors lack of “show don’t tell”, i felt like so many things were explicitly stated instead of being incorporated into the story which just really took me out of the book and interrupted my immersion into the plot.
i’m not going to sit here and act like rowan didn’t have me gasping aloud, smacking my kindle into my face and blushing but the writing throughout the book just wasn’t my favourite i guess. overall a pretty good read and i will be reading the rest of the series!