A review by debookgeek
Seeker, by Arwen Elys Dayton


Oh my gods, this book was SO good! I need Traveler right now. Aaaargh! Why can't books just appear when you want them?!

Yes, there is a love triangle in this book/series. I actually hate love triangles. They're horrible when the girl (it's usually a girl!) chooses the guy you don't like over the guy you do like. An example? The love triangle from the Infernal Devices trilogy by Cassandra Clare.
So it surprised me when I realized I did liked this love triangle. In a bad way.
I ship Quin and Shinobu. John? No. Definitely no. And I enjoyed the jealousy John felt when he thought about Quin and Shinobu together. It was amazing! Oh, sorry. I'm sure the Sorting hat is thinking that he put me in the wrong house. Maybe I had to go to Slytherin instead of Ravenclaw. Maybe...

Where can I compate this book to? People are comparing it to Legend, by Marie Lu, Divergent, by Veronica Roth and The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I have not read Legend yet, but I can tell you that Seeker is nothing like Divergent and The Hunger Games. Seeker has it's own story. Where do I compare it to? It's kind of like Endgame by James Fray. Kind of. Kind of like The Illuminati (do you spell it like this?). It is impossible to compare it to another book and why do people need to compare books anyway?

I don't know why, but I thought this book took place in a medieval setting. Well, it wasn't. It was kind of futuristic. When I read there were phones and cars and stuff like that, I was like: huh?

Favorite characters? Quin and Shinobu.
Why Quin? Quin is cool. She wanted to forget her old life and start a new one. She did. But then, one year and a half later, she discovers it is impossible to forget everything and everyone she knew.
Why Shinobu? Shinobu wanted to start a new life too. But in a different way. Using opium (Is that how it's called in English? I read the book in Dutch) and jumping off high buildings and bridges. Kind of like Noah from I'll give you the sun.
His love for Quin! And ofcourse, his heritage. As a "halfblood" myself... Well, I love characters with a Europian/American father and an Asian mother. Examples? Park from Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. His mother is Korean. His father American.
Shinobu is half Scottish half Japanese. I'm half Dutch half Taiwanese. It's nearly the same. Maybe I love halfblood characters because I kind of understand them?

Least favorite character? John. In the beginning, he was kind of cool, but later in the story I had the feeling he was kind of crazy. He kept looking for an athame and still thought that Quin loved him. He turned EVIL.


Favorite scene? This is not going to be spoiler free, so if you have not read this book, don't read the next sentence. My favorite scenes are when Quin and Shinobu (What is their shipping name!?) nearly kiss and kiss. Yeah, it's weird to have these parts in the book as your favorite parts, but it was like: Look Shinobu! Don't commit suicide! You have someone that loves you! And it's no ordinary girl, no, it's Quin! Hehe. I re-read those scenes. Hehe.