A review by rhinoa_
Fallen in Love by Lauren Kate


I had a deal with my friend that if i could finish this book in 2 weeks i would get a weeks worth of hot chocolate, i finished this in two hours bro. It was a nice little short story to read and i thoroughly enjoyed it, it was a nice change in pace compared to passion.

Shelby and Miles ~ even though I don't like Miles it was generally cute little story and the ending was adorable.

Roland ~ bro my heart broke when i read this in multiple ways, my dude generally loved this girl and when i saw she had a child and a husband broooooo i cried for him. but it was really cute of him to protect her.

Arriane ~ my little lesbian <3, honestly i had hints that was a little bit fruity in the previous books but it is now comfirmed. it confused me a little bit but i didnt expect tess to be immortal as Arriane was. the ending where tess basically said 'if i can have you, theres no point ni living' i was shocked.

Daniel and Luce ~ cute couple, i loved how in the end we saw the others 'watching them' and basically planned everything it get Daniel to dance with Luce.

I still hate Bill <3