A review by emilinkaa
Deep by Kylie Scott

funny hopeful medium-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? Character
  • Strong character development? It's complicated
  • Loveable characters? No
  • Diverse cast of characters? No
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? Yes


Accidental pregnancy is one of my least favorite book tropes, and the way this one was handled was really meh. The two characters - Lizzy and Ben - didn't feel as complete as many of the other characters in the previous 3 books, and the whole relationship made me roll my eyes. Maybe I'm getting old? I didn't feel that out of touch reading the other three books, but this one? Whoa, boy. Lizzy and Ben have a relationship mostly of texts back and forth because Ben is committed to the music and Lizzy isn't supposed to be around him because she's the little sister of Anne, who's hooked up with Mal. But Lizzy is convinced she's in LOVE with Ben, and when one night leads to a positive pregnancy test, she gives up on school and follow the band around on tour (honestly, very very impractical, as someone who's been pregnant, but hey, we like suspending reality) waiting for Ben to realize he loves her too. Drama ensues and once again, a grand gesture is made, but at the end of the book, I didn't really feel like I knew either of the two main characters much better than at the start. Not nearly as well written, spicy, or enjoyable as the previous three. Glad I finished the series, but I won't reread this one. 

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