A review by fishykaja
The Burning God by R.F. Kuang


Words could never describe what a rollecoaster this serie was... TPW easily snatched its #1 spot as mz favourite book(s). I'm not as good with words as other fellow readers (and perhaps this time it is because TPW left me utterly speechless). I cried ridiculous amount of tears that not even Nezha could stop the stream and my eyes could indicate I'm undercover Speerly with the way they're red I want to curse hell down on R. F. Kuang and give her flowers at the same time.. I wonder who's gonna pay for my therapy, because I'm in pieces. Kuang has such a way with words that make me completely drawn to Runin's world and the more I read, the less I want to go back to real world.
I knew I'd be left broken after this, and I was reminded of it while reading the dedication, but great tortoise nothing could prepare me for this...
I would recommend it to everyone, because everybody should be aware of this masterpiece, but god please read through the trigger warnings. It's a sino-japanese war put into a fantasy world, but Kuang didn't hold back with the war crimes. It's brutal (as war can be).
If I could I would give this hundreds of stars, not just five, but here we are.
Thank you to booktok for showing me this artwork. It was a heart-wrenching, life changing, painfully beautiful journey and I'm grateful I became part of it.