A review by makexbelieve
Every Little Piece of My Heart by Non Pratt


I love Non Pratt's stories so I was really excited to start this one. It's another brilliant contemporary YA told from the perspective of four very different but equally engaging characters.

Non captures teenage life in a way that will resonate with teen readers without feeling patronising. Sophie's refusal to think about her exams, the whole-life encompassing impact of friendships, family fallings out are just a few of the ways she creates authentic teenage characters.

It was interesting to read about a teenage character with a chronic illness and Non's author note at the end is really informative. It's clear that Non really did her research before writing Every Little Piece of My Heart, and I've finished it feeling more empathetic, and also having learnt a lot about Lupus. But Sophie is far more than just her illness, and it doesn't define her character. She is loyal and funny and in desperate need of a friend.

Every POV character was fun to read, and I was never disappointed when they switched. Win was strong and stable and she kept the peace. Her story will resonate with lots of readers. Lucas's toxic friendship with Kellan is something many teenagers will relate to as well - the conflict between knowing someone isn't a good friend for you, but wanting to keep them in your life because you're afraid of letting go. Ryan was different again, believing himself to be unloveable and pushing everyone away.

Although the shining star of Every Little Piece of My Heart wasn't a POV character at all, but Sunny. She was an absolute delight and impossible not to love. I also found it fascinating how much Freya dominated the narrative, despite her absence.

I loved the way the timeline flipped back and forth, so the story slowly fell into place. There's a great mystery element to the plot which will keep readers going late into the night.

This is a wonderful story of friendship, growing up, and being yourself. Every Little Piece of My Heart is a must-buy for school libraries this September.