A review by oozins
Call Down the Hawk , by Maggie Stiefvater


“Lindenmere was beautiful and uncomplicated in ways that the real world was not. Air and music were two different things in the real world; in Lindenmere they were not always. Water and flowers were similarly confused in this forest. Hennessy felt the truth of it as they walked. There were creatures you didn’t want to meet in person if you weren’t with Ronan Lynch. There were places you might get trapped forever if you weren’t with Ronan Lynch. It was feral and confusing, but in the end, it followed one rule: Ronan Lynch. His safety, his desires, his thoughts. That was Lindenmere’s only true north.

She could feel it: Lindenmere loved him.”

a month of this book and i’ve let ronan lynch completely take over my summer. i’m not upset about it in the slightest. i definitely have my issues with call down the hawk (plot wise mostly! maggie’s always been a loose plot kinda gal so this feels Much) but in terms of world building and the relationships between the brothers lynch and exploring a whole new realm of dreaming, this book captivated me. reading chapters in hushed voices over the phone for hours, you always asking me if i’m ready, brainstorming outlandish things maggie could do next, i wouldn’t trade the way i read this for anything. i love you declan lynch. tamquam.