A review by antoniasxn
You Should See Me in a Crown, by Leah Johnson


“I’ve never felt quite like this though. Like I don’t know if I’m running away from something or to it. All I know is that I’m tired, so incredibly tired, of having to run at all.”

This was like a teenage romcom from the 2000s set in 2020 with queer characters and black girl magic and let me tell you I was here for it!

You Should See Me In A Crown tackles sooo many different topics (romance, toxic friendships, lost friendships, school, illness) with only 300 pages and still it never feels too short or too surfaced. Don't get me wrong, I definitely would've enjoyed 100 more pages but I appreciate how it was only supposed to be a short glimpse of a teenage girls life. Liz was a great main character and the side characters were amazing too although I do wish our love interest Mack would've gotten some more "screentime" in order for us to understand them falling in love better. I would definitely read a spin-off about any of the side characters tho.

While I think this book is a perfect summer-read, I thought especially in the ending everything got a little too cliche for me personally and I didn't really love the whole prom-element which is why i'm bumping it down one star. But you should definitely all read this, if you like ya contemporary!