A review by rmpenny247
All We Can Do Is Wait, by Richard Lawson


Richard Lawson's writing and great story telling kept making me want to read this book even when I didn't have time. My favorite part of this book was the great flash back scenes for each character. They were each filled with a bit of mystery that kept me wanting to read and find out more. This was definitely a character driven book, which is my favorite type of story.
Slowly learning about the relationships that Jason, Alexa, Scott, Morgan, and Skyler had with the person, or people, they were waiting for caused me to feel connected to most of them. In this short book, there was visible growth for each of the five main characters.
Skyler's story could be on its own and expand on her sister's role in her life, and her relationship with Danny. Jason and Alexa are the two characters that I connected with the most, and that I really want a bigger story from. Their history felt like an entire different story from the hospital scenes that connected all of the main character. It probably helped that their points of view were two people with the same history, just different perspectives and personal struggles. It was also different because it was more about the relationship between Jason and Alexa as siblings, instead of their relationships with their parents. I really would enjoy just a book about their lives, and specifically their summer at the beach. That would be so great.
I will be looking out for any future books written by Lawson.