A review by poisonenvy
Babylon's Ashes, by James S.A. Corey


There's just a lot that I love about this series, and all of it is just as present in this book as the the others.

It's easy, sometimes, to think of acts of war as things on a page and nothing else, and Corey manages, continually, to humanize these conflicts and these events in a way that not a lot of other authors do. I also love the diversity of the world-building; the queerness and the polyamory of the worldbuilding always fills me with joy. I did not love the
Spoilerdeus ex machina
at the end, but it wasn't so jarring to as have taken any enjoyment from the story as a whole.

This book was different from the others in that there are a lot of different perspectives (other books have limited it to around 4 - 5), but this doesn't detract at all from the story and was, in fact, probably a good choice. I loved seeing old perspective characters come back - the book ends by and old favourite was really nice, along with the odd interjection chapters from another - and it really helped tie everything together.

Looking forward to the next!