A review by dontanam
Saga, Vol. 4 by Brian K. Vaughan


In these latest issues, things are heating up in the Robot Kingdom. Unrest in the general population has found it's way into the palace by way of Dengo, a palace janitor. He kills the princess and kidnaps her newborn son, Prince Robot V, and begins a search for Alana, Marko, and Hazel that changes the direction of the comic. Prince Robot IV is off having months of debauchery followin the events of the Volume 3, in which his entire platoon was slaughtered. Alana is working in a virtual theatre, not doing so well, and begins to do drugs to mitigate her work existence. Marko is stay at home dad, but is feeling lonely. Hazel, are dear narrator, is growing steadily and generally a happy child. They are hiding out on the planet Gardenia, which looks a lot like Earth.

I've loved Saga for a while now. Even as the story gets ever more convoluted, Vaughn's continuous weaving of the story threads keeps me coming back. Taken individually, it may seem disjointed, but keep reading. Staples' artwork is bright and colorful, providing infomation not located anywhere in the Vaughn's words. The sometimes unfinished look of the lines add to the art rather than taking away from it. I enjoy reading the series for the story and the art. The space opera feel is one that is carried through from words to art creating a cohesive whole.

It can be hard to follow the story at times, but all the threads tie together.