A review by alexiachantel
A Witch in Time, by Constance Sayers


Sayers does a great job of feeding the reader pieces of Helen's mysterious previous lives, and the important question surrounding them. You can't stop reading!

Content warning/heads up:
SpoilerThe beginning of Juliet's timeline starts off with a sexual relationship between a 16 yo girl and a much older man. It is consensual, but if this bothers you then you may want to skip this read. There is also a rape scene between Juliet and her intended and his friend and a demonic possession of her mother.

The dual POV of present day Helen and past Juliet works so well. But then there are two other lives Helen remembers that happened between the two and those chapters didn't flow/fit as well for this reader. The ending redeemed any of the chapters that bogged down the story though as it shifts the spotlight and makes you see Helen and Luke's story in a different light.