A review by nicolemdav28
Assistant to the Villain by Hannah Nicole Maehrer


I achingly loved this book. Such an easy, silly read with the cutest pining and sweet interactions that were such a cute insight into how much they were into the other. The plot really kept me on my toes and had twists/turns that carried through the book really well. I do wish there was more to their relationship building in the book but I can appreciate the slow burn and growing nature of their relationship throughout the series. I will say I have never been so angry at a cliffhanger, I almost hated this book just because of that lol. But a very very worthy ready, so cute and fun that I was genuinely so mad that I finished it and had to wait for more. It's also really sweet to see how much this author loves her story and her characters, she legit is the embodiment of the fun in this book. Cannot wait for the second.