A review by jimbowen0306
Cold Storage, by David Koepp


If asked for a one sentence summary of this book, I'd say it was a daft mixture of The Stand (by Stephen King) and Resident Evil (you know the Milla Jovovich zombie apocalypse series).

In this book, there are a couple of fixers headed by Roberto Diaz, who do CIA/Department of Defence "wet work", dealing with biohazard and nuclear terrorists. On a mission in the 1990s, they pick up a spore that is growing like billy-o on Australian tribal lands. They save the day, only to have to save the day in present times, the spore has escaped, and Diaz has to step in to save the day again, along with 2 minimum wage storage facility employees (because that happens).

It's a daft read, but good fun if you switch your brain off for a while.