A review by tiaschmidt
A Merry Little Meet Cute by Julie Murphy, Sierra Simone


The concept behind this is fantastic, but it didn't work out well in execution. My thoughts are kind of all over the place, so I'll just bullet them as they come to mind.

- Why was this over 400 pages?? FOUR HUNDRED?? For a basic romance? Bye.

- I feel like it was really weird that he was subscribed to her ClosedDoors (OnlyFans) page and wasn't even planning on telling her... Something about that feels SO fucking creepy to me. Like he literally says shit like "Oh, I just jacked off to her this morning." and whatnot... Uhm... Oooookkkkkk???? I get that when you have an account like that and are putting yourself out there in that way, that's just a side effect of the job, but the way he would talk about it creeped me out. Even once they started having sex IRL he'd be like, "Oh my god, she's my favorite porn star and my biggest fantasy. I can't believe I'm having sex with her.". So it more felt like he was in it for that reason instead of actually liking HER as a person. Cause he really couldn't stop bringing it up. Wait... Did he ever actually say anything about her personality?.... I seriously can't remember.

- I personally felt weird about the fat rep. As someone who used to be fat, I feel like I have a bit of a say about how I feel about the rep in this and it felt... off. There was no subtly to it and it felt like he was fetishizing her more than any type of love or appreciation. It just wasn't great. IMO!

- So bipolar disorder just makes you an incredibly incapable human being who needs to be dependent on someone else all the time and can only make lil crafts? What the FUCK was that mental health rep?? Like what actually was the point of his mother's character? Just to show he can be a normal human being and have empathy for someone? There are a million other ways to do that than by using a mental illness. Weirdo stuff.

Ok maybe I'm convincing myself I didn't actually like this... maybe at all actually.