A review by kait_sixcrowsbooks
Pages I Never Wrote, by Marco Donati, Luke Abington

emotional funny lighthearted slow-paced


  • gay boy MC with dyspraxia
  • mlm LI
  • mlm SCs
  • Black SC

See, here's the thing: Pages I Never Wrote could have been a cute and fluffy three- to three and a half-star read for me. The protagonist and the love interest were cute together, and the side characters were interesting enough.

However, one huge aspect of the story left me with a bad taste in my mouth: both of the "big oppositions" or whatever for the couple were linked to drug users and addiction. It would have been one thing if these obstacles were more well-rounded, but no, both were directly related to drug use/addiction. One was basically a caricature of what people view as a """crazy druggie""", and the other was a character that used drugs, it was mentioned many times throughout the MC's interactions with this character, and the big blow-out with this character focused partly on them being high. Couple that with the MC's obvious disdain with drugs/drug users, and I was side-eyeing this book big time. Which is sad because I really tried to like it, too!!

I'll have a full review on my blog in the next couple weeks.

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