A review by wilybooklover
The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches, by Sangu Mandanna

funny hopeful lighthearted relaxing medium-paced


This book is simply delightful. A lonely witch finds love and acceptance when she agrees to tutor three children in all things witchcraft. 

I absolutely loved this story. Mika uses her sunshine-y nature as a mask to keep the world – and her loneliness – at bay. Jamie, the librarian she falls in love with, similarly uses grumpiness as his mask. Ultimately, though, this was a story about found family. As the book progresses Mika becomes intertwined with this quirky, endearing family and it was so wonderful to see her walls come down and accept all of these wonderful people into her heart. I’m not always a fan of children in books, but I really enjoyed their inclusion in this story. They were maybe a little precociously funny but they had some lovely moments of connection with Mika. The whimsical way that the witchcraft was written was the cherry on top and really fit the vibe of the story. 

Just a beautifully written cosy and romantic story that made me smile as I read it. I really needed something uplifting when I picked this up and it fit the bill perfectly. This is one for the comfort re-read pile. 

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