A review by wolfpack75
Six Heirs by Pierre Grimbert


An interesting start that ends without really telling you anything about the central mysteries. The secret of Ji was easy to figure out long before it was revealed, the second mystery of who is killing the heirs was barely addressed. Hopefully the story moves a bit more quickly in the subsequent books.

Of special note when reading the ebook it is difficult to look up Dekade, Deciday, Centiday, and Milliday in the glossary (which is in the back). Since the characters mention the various divisions a lot I thought it best to include them below. It is obvious that this is a time keeping system which is built on tens. However the specifics are as follows:
Dekade: 10 days: prime, dēs, terce, quart, quint, sixt, septime, octes, nones, & term
Centiday: 1/10 of a Deciday or ~14 minutes
Deciday: 1/10 of a Day or ~2 hrs 25 minutes
Milliday: 1/10 of a Centiday or ~1 min & 26 seconds

Overall, very much worth the read. Look forward to continuing the series.