A review by afterall
House of Salt and Sorrows, by Erin A. Craig

dark mysterious sad tense medium-paced
  • Loveable characters? Yes


I don’t even know where to start! This book pleasantly surprised me. 

While at times the writing seemed rushed, like characters were doing one thing and suddenly another with no connection in between, I thoroughly enjoyed the atmospheric description and the seemingly effortless way that words turned to pictures in my mind. I experienced this book with all five of my senses. The environments were beautifully described.

There was so much lore that sometimes I felt like the world had been thoroughly built but there wasn’t enough book to explain enough of it to me. I found myself confused and re-reading some parts just to make sure I understood what was happening regarding the myths, legends, and gods in the story. Despite the confusion at times, I felt like it was all pretty well explained and wrapped up in the end. I guess ultimately I would rather it be this way then be OVER explained. It’s a fast paced story set in a world that is clearly big enough for multiple stories.

The horror aspect of this book was so intriguing. I didn’t expect it to get as dark and frightening at some parts, but I loved the way I could see the scenes play out in my mind.

I felt like the romance was almost unnecessary in this story. Perhaps if it had been more believable, I’d appreciate it a little more. But the couple seemed to fall in love instantly for no real reason other than to have a romance in the story. The love between the sisters was enough to carry the story for me.

This book has the near perfect amount of happy, sad, and purely horrific moments, and while it wasn’t perfect, it was so refreshing to read a unique story like this.

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