A review by dithkusu
3 Dates, by Lily Morton


Same case as the other short story I read by Lily Morton today- this suits the Valentine's Day romance mood, is also a case of best friends turned lovers, also prompted by dumping a terrible ex boyfriend in the picture though this is more recent, and they go on a flurry of specifically three dates here, that were hilariously meant for the ex boyfriend, and the epilogue ends with them being in blissful domesticity while there's plans for a proposal. So this was rather repetitive after just reading the other one, and the author's signature tropes are getting a bit tiring as well.

But this already got more bonus points just by the fact that one of the guys, the hot model on the cover, is Asian (well, technically Eurasian but there's little Asian rep out in these kinds of romances as it is). Also there's the whole cameo of Gabe and Dylan from the Finding Home series! Mick, who spent his childhood in foster homes and is high-achieving as a result, works for Gabe and Gabe is basically his mentor. Archie is a nurse, a popular confident personality type who welcomed Mick in when they met in middle school and have been best friends since; there are extended flashbacks to their younger days showing this.

Overall their relationship was cute enough, if very repetitive to me by this point. I just thought at some point, this dynamic of obvious years of pining for each other while head scratchingly, inexplicably dating obviously garbage men (could NOT understand why Mick was dating with the ex, and even let him live in his apartment) got quite annoyingly frustrating to read. Just want to bash their heads together and be like, KISS you dummies.