A review by rhappe13
Maybe This Time, by Kasie West


I'm sad to report that I've found another Kasie West book that I didn't fall completely head over heels for. I'd have to give this 2.5 stars.

Maybe This Time has hints West's signature adorableness, but it just didn't seem to click for these characters in this story. I thought Sophie was really rude, and not in a stubborn or even justified way. I understand she needed to develop throughout the book and everyone starts somewhere but I didn't feel I had enough understanding of her character to understand her actions or thought processes.

Although I liked the concept behind the whole 9 events spread throughout the year storyline I felt like it ultimately made me feel too much distance from the characters and the continuity of the story. Because of this, I never really felt anything strong for the other characters or their relationships with Sophie, which is really a bummer because I love the friendships and romances in Kasie West books.

Ultimately, my distance from the characters and plot made me pretty apathetic toward the whole thing. It seems like I either love Kasie West's books or feel "meh" toward them, and in this case it's the latter.

Full review to come.