A review by iffer
Murder in Her Stocking by G.A. McKevett


I borrowed this because I was looking for a fluffy Christmas cozy mystery (for those of us who crave not-too-serious murder mysteries after binging too many Hallmark Christmas movies). It turned out to be more serious than I thought that it would be, but in a good way. It's about a small town, but it feels more realistic because of the way in which the residents are imperfect, sometimes petty, and always in everyone else's business. I also love Granny's character, and the way that she fiercely and lovingly looks after her grandchildren. Granny is curious and wants to solve a mystery as much as anyway, but above all else she is loving and kind, even when she doesn't want to be. The book also packs a little extra gravity, because Granny's family lives in a rural area and is poor; the major conflict of the book, more so than the murder mystery, is how Granny can keep her grandbabies safe, even though there mother is a spiteful alcoholic.