A review by dreareads_
Ring shout, or, Hunting Ku Kluxes in the end times, by P. Djèlí Clark

dark mysterious tense fast-paced


There is something so chilling about fictional horrors reflecting the real darkness in our society.

Ring Shout was the perfect book to begin my journey inside of the horror genre and not only because it was short and action packed. 

What made Ring Shout special was how it grabs you with the masterfully depicted imagery of horror, and it fully submerse you with the horrors inside of humans.

As a book that centers around supernatural KKK demons in the 1920's, the book never lets your forget that the true evil is the racism and violence that was endemic at the time. Yes the monsters were scary, and yes the demonic aspects heightened the tension of the story, but it was the undercurrent of reality that sticks with you after you have read it.

But it is not simply a horror book with pain, it is also a story of love and perseverance. Of honoring those that have fallen, and coming to terms with your trauma. What differentiates hate from need for revenge? What about justice and revenge, is one purer than the other?

And although the story was fast paced, Clark still took the time to show us the love and connection that existed between the characters. How a supportive and welcoming community is the greatest defense against the most evil forces.

This isn't a 5 star read. this is a 100 star read, and I need everyone to read it asap.

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