A review by anjana
Murder in the Corn Maze by G. A. McKevett


This was another cozy mystery that did not work for me, but I think it might for other people. Our leading lady is a grandmother to seven grandkids and has sole custody. This is a pretty chaotic situation to land into directly without prior information which might have been present in the first book (this being the second). I liked the family setup and the individual characters, but the conversations felt a little abrupt to me. 

Although the lead character was described to be as old as a few of the other people passing through in the story, the voice made me picture a lot younger person. That might be the main reason why this wasn't my cup of tea. The thing I did like was the mannerism, and the random descriptive exclamations people gave which must have been included to add the ambience of the state in question. The mystery was a cold case itself was quite intriguing and seemed quite hard to actually get to the bottom of, which our main protagonists did do eventually but a little too fast.

I would recommend this to readers of the Cozy mystery genre, especially with the vibe of small-town USA. It is ultimately a quick read and does not drag.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.