A review by limeykiss
The Royal We by Heather Cocks, Jessica Morgan


I spent a wonderful weekend with my head stuck in this book. I will never look at celebrity gossip, or Will and Kate, the same again (I know it's fictional, but this book made me think that their love story is full of the same normal but magical moments as Nick and Bex's rather than the weirdly contrived story I've been fed by public gossip and E!). I LOVE that Cocks and Morgan nailed British dialogue- I so often read books by British authors who muck up American dialogue, or Americans who think all Brits speak like BBC presenters, but this book's dialogue was so genuine. This book also had such a sense of place- I could feel myself in Oxford, London, Iowa. The characters were all intriguing and fully-formed, and I want Gaz and Bex to be my best friends so we can all eat chex mix together.