A review by calistareads
Animalia, by Graeme Base


LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Brilliant Book.

I have read many ABC book to the kids over the years and this by far is the very best of them. There is alliteration - love it, and it good alliteration too. There are all kinds of animals, instruments, food and miscellany on the page that starts with the letter. Sometimes you have to think how it's being used. This was a joy. It was the smallest details that were so enjoyable.

The never-gonna-stop nephew looked at this for an hour looking for all the little details. Both kids read this with joy. They both gave it 5 stars and they want to keep the book. I have to make sure the nephew doesn't hide it in his room so I can't return it to the library. Why, oh why did I never know of Graeme Base growing up. He is brilliant.

I have so many favorite things from this. I love what he did with 'X'. I love the baboon playing the bassoon. Dalick's from Dr. Who show up in the 'Ds'. I like the Green Gorilla wearing gloves. There is a fairy. I love Kitty Koala and the 'K' page in general. I love the outrageous Ostrich. 'V' Wins best alliteration. 'X' is the best for using the letter.

This book gave me joy.