A review by halfassedreader
How Moon Fuentez Fell in Love with the Universe, by Raquel Vasquez Gilliland


This book is incredible, beautiful, and magical. Moon is hilarious, fat, and learning to love herself.

There are many TW so be aware.

I loved so much about this book and found myself falling in love with the way it was written. Moon’s character development is refreshing and inspiring, however I did find some of her creative expressions to be a little bit cringe at times.

I definitely think that sometimes the emphasis put onto Santiago’s love of Moon’s body felt a little bit fetishized which rubbed me the wrong way, and I think that Star’s arc was too quick and not explored enough to feel whole.

Deposited these little critiques, I LOVED this book and it made me smile so much. I love the imagery, the integration of divination, flowers, and food. The research that the author put into this is evident and is woven into the story incredibly well.

I am seriously looking forward to reading this authors previous works and displaying this beautiful book and cover on my shelves. I imagine I will revisit this story again and again.