A review by philyra91
The Night Circus, by Erin Morgenstern


The Night Circus is one of those novels that start, go and end rather slowly. Not much, in terms of action, happens and the prose is all about descriptions, descriptions, descriptions. I will admit though, that the prose was beautiful and that Erin Morgenstern really does have a way with words. The way the story unfolds is really, really good. Everything's so layered nicely, you really do need the patience to get through with this but by the end of you, I'm sure some of you will be pleasantly surprised.

What I didn't like though was how the blurb talked about two magicians being pitted against one another in an epic battle, a fierce competition to be declared the winner and all that. First of all, there was no epic battle, not physically anyway. There certainly was a fierce competition between their imaginations to see who can dream up the wackiest stuff but it wasn't an epic battle.

The romance was...underwhelming as well. It came out of nowhere and suddenly they were together! They were in love.
SpoilerIt went on about how the different tents they created from each other's imagination were love letters to each other and all that.
The love story just felt a little off.

But still, all in all, a great read. :)