A review by neumanzoo
Kinsey and Me: Stories by Sue Grafton


I've always loved Sue Grafton and her Alphabet Mysteries. Kinsey Milhone was the perfect leading character. I was so sad to hear of Grafton's passing, and cried while finishing Y is for Yesterday, knowing it would be the last, and I would say goodbye forever to a very old friend. When I found this book, Kinsey and Me, I was delighted to read something new-to-me with my favorite character. Even though they were (too) short stories, it was good to "hear" her voice again in a new way. That part of this book was a literal blast from the past, and I enjoyed it very much. The last half of the book, however, was so depressing. Reading such intimate details of the relationship Grafton shared with her mother, and the disease that robbed her of her childhood, was incredibly sad. I admit to skimming the last few stories because the grief of all that she lost as a child (the ability to even be a child) was just too heavy. I'll still give the book 4-stars, for Kinsey alone, but I wish I'd stopped at the halfway point.