A review by coffeedogsbooks
Orange City, by Lee M. Goldberg


Wow this was an amazing book. Part dystopian, part mystery, part scifi, it really defies genres. “The Man” runs an island where those who would have been sent to prison can live out their lives, basically in servitude hoping to earn their way to the “elite homes” and paradise and always in fear of exile to the zones. Graham has been chosen to be in advertising for a new test product “Pow” a drink that can literally control your emotions based on the flavor you choose. But the more he has the more he actually sees his situation and what is going on around him but what if anything will he do about it?

While this book started out a little bit on the slower side as I tried to figure out everything that was going on (believe me there's more to it than you think) once I was sucked in I consumed this book in one sitting. This was a unique concept to me in this type of genre and I enjoyed it.

I give this one a 4 of 5 and thank Suzy’s Approved Book Tours and Lee Matthew Goldberg for the review copy. My thoughts and opinions are my own.