A review by creolelitbelle
White Smoke by Tiffany D. Jackson

Did not finish book. Stopped at 8%.
I listened to the first 44 minutes of the 9 hour audiobook, and this is my cautionary tale to myself -- when deciding against a book, do not forget about the negative reviews that caused you to steer clear. Marigold has severe anxiety about bedbugs in the beginning of the book, which I do not want to hear about. I also have no desire to hear about her fixation on weed. I appreciate mental health rep in a book, but as someone who does not experience general anxiety, I do not want to be thrown into the head of someone who is without any warning. The premise of the book says nothing about all this, which could be a draw for those who want to read it and a deterrent for those who rather not. 

The blended family is done rather awkwardly as well. Piper and Alec are very much a single unit. I understand Piper acting the way she does, but Alec is an adult who does nothing (at least not in the first bit when they move into the new house) to alleviate the situation with anyone. The last 2 books by Jackson that I read were very good - The Weight of Blood & Monday's Not Coming. This one failed for me with factors that disturb me to experience. 

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