A review by skcoe
House of Hollow by Krystal Sutherland



“My sisters. My blood. My skin. What a gruesome bond we shared.”

Okay but horror is a fantastic medium for a YA story about sisterhood and grief. Your young adult years are probably where you’re the most susceptible to having intense relationships with those you’re closest to, in one direction or the other.

“that’s a pretty heavy burden to bear, being everything for someone.”

Adding to that the way supporting someone in their grief can impact one’s own life, and you get a vividly described story that explores what it means to find a way to become your own person.

With beautiful writing, a mystery that you actually have a hope at solving yourself as the story winds, side characters to want more of, and some pretty gross but fantastically done imagery, this book was an enjoyable and quick read. terrifiant.

“Folie a deux, little hollow. Or in this case, folie a trois. Sometimes madness is catching.”