A review by oceanvvaves
Daring Duplicity, the Wellington Mysteries, Vol.1: Adventures of a Lesbian Victorian Detective, by Edale Lane

adventurous fast-paced


This is a great romance book. The characters are lovely and the build up of the relationship is wonderful and well paced. Unfortunately I cannot say the same about the case solving part of the plot. The resolutions come too easy and rely too much on a coincidence. It just didn't feel very believable. But maybe it's mostly due to the format of the book since it's a collection of short stories. I'd love to read a book that focuses on a single case where Stetson struggles with finding the culprit or just something where the mysteries feel like the focus instead of breaks between daydreaming about girls or going on dates. Still, the characters are compelling and the universe author created has a lot of potentential. I do hope there will be a sequel. :) 

[I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.]