A review by amac_reads
The Downstairs Girl, by Stacey Lee


This book is a work of historical fiction set in Atlanta, GA during the early 20th century. I loved having a young, Asian, female protagonist telling her story during this time in the south. It's important to have books from this perspective telling the stories of Asian immigrants during a time when it was extremely dangerous to be anything other than white. I also loved that the author included details concerning the Women's Rights movement, especially concerning how it was not free of racism and prejudice either.

I did feel a bit of a disconnect from the plot, though. It felt like most of the issues the protagonist faced were easily resolved, taking away from much of the drama/stress that would make for a more intense read. The characters were well written though, and I enjoyed the different voices the author included in this story. I really loved the concept of this work, and though it was a bit predictable, it made for a fun, easy read with some good insights.